A Guide to What an Introvert Really Is

Introvert Happiness

Being an introvert in an extrovert’s world can be challenging. At the same time you yourself are a great blessing for that world.

- Celina


1. Introduction

Contrary to what ‚introvert‘ is often known as in society, being an introvert is much more about looking inside (INTRO) and enjoy introspection and not about being shy, antisocial or a misanthrope. 

Introverts do enjoy spending time on their own. That doesn’t mean being around people and being social is no for them, they just like to have time all by themselves after being with people. 

Introverts process information more slowly than extroverts do. Thus they are happy with less stimulation whereas introverts need a little more excitement to feel satisfied. 

But is that really what makes up an introvert? Of course not. I’ve created with some characteristics. Some of those may resonate with you, some won’t. That’s because every introvert is different PLUS we all have introvert and extrovert aspects in our system! There is no such thing as a total introvert or a total extrovert. 


Introvert means basically a) enjoying spending time on your own and b) needing time on your own to be in your full energy around others.

2. overview: are you an introvert?

You may find yourself resonating with the following aspects:

  • you recharge in solitude/ you need me time after a busy day

  • You enjoy spending time on your own (especially after socializing ,even if it was a great time!)

  • You are very sensitive to other people’s feelings and emotional states

  • You enjoy more low key activities like going for walks and hikes in nature, reading and curling up in bed

  • You choose your words consciously and usually think before you talk 

  • You sometimes feel lonely in crowds

  • You may be able to work better in a solo setting than in a team or open-plan office

  • You prefer smaller groups of people around you

  • You have fewer friends but those you have are very dear to you

  • You are not into small talk and feel uncomfortable with it or just feel the nudge to have deeper chats

  • People may often see you as quiet or reserved when you in reality often feel overwhelmed in large groups and don’t enjoy to be in the center of attention

  • You feel like you can be your best self around others when in 1:1 or small groups or with longterm friends

  • Creative ideas and solutions are more likely to come to you when you have time on your own in stillness

  • It may take you longer to verbalize thoughts as information is by fact traveling through an introvert’s brain longer and thus more deeply (found on Introvert Spring)

Can you relate? But you’re still somehow struggling with accepting your individual magic?

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You are perfect! Let’s embrace diversity, let’s celebrate who we are and make the best out of this life! It is GOLDEN! You deserve to be happy.

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