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Hi, I’m Celina.

Peanut butter-and-banana-lover, professional dog cuddler and mindset coach. I’m originally from Hamburg, Germany. In December 2018 I moved to Victoria in BC, Canada where I now live.

What drives me most in life is to become a better version of myself every day, to follow my intuition unapologetically and my thirst to learn about modern spirituality and self development.

My biggest step being guided by my gut so far was probably moving halfway across the world after having met my partner in Bali. And so far, it is going pretty well!

If you love growing personally in fields like self love, positive thinking and creating the vibe that aligns you with how you want to feel every day, you are in the right place on my website.



It is my honour to provide you with inspiration and guidance on your

individual self growth journey. In my work as a coach, I combine

personal development tools with modern spiritual practices to get the best results. 

Head over to my blog to get your daily dose of high quality self growth content,

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I’m certainly a lifelong learner. My interest in the topics that I

coach in has last over 5 intense years of self studying now.

My personal experience in healing myself from depression and anorexia

which started first in 2012 and a final 3 month complete mindset makeover

back in 2017 after my awakening allow me to share what

helped me to level up my life and finally lead to happiness, confidence and love for life.

I additionally have a degree in media studies including communications and psychology.

As I always had a sweet spot for studying human behaviour, I did not only study this in school,

I took several online courses in topics like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, intuitive arts and of course

read, no - inhaled, tons of books in the field of personal development and spirituality.

Self Love and Self Care Coach

My motivation

I started working as a coach because I felt called to raise the vibration of the planet and thus vibrations, mindset and mood on an individual level.

I have experienced myself what it means to live in fear, lethargy, sadness and meaninglessness as I have dealt with depression and an eating disorder for several years. Due to spiritual practices, connecting to my higher self and investing hundreds of hours in studying self development, I found back to my true free and life-loving self.

Throughout the years I developed expertise and a solid skillset in topics like how to reprogram the mind, detach from negative thoughts, how to manifest and be a match for your desires or how to get to a place of self love and connect to your intuition.

It is my deepest desire to make others feel confident, fabulous, loved, happy, healthy and connected.

Make this life a very good one.
Every day.


Coaching 1:1

My instagram - @alignedwithcelina