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aligned with celina

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Goal setting + success strategies FOR YOUR INDIVIDUAL DESIRES


reprograming the subconscious mind for self love, confidence + others


freeing from limiting beliefs + bad habits


empower to Manage energy + emotions for a successful life

Sounds good to you?

Let me tell you more about me, my work + HOW WE CAN CREATE THE LIFE YOU SO WANT TO LIVE.


Who is this for?

You are just right here if you:

  • are on your personal growth journey and are willing to invest in your wellbeing and a purposeful life

  • want to establish clear, respectful and effective communication

  • feel like there is something more to yourself or to your life and you’re thrilled to explore that

  • feel like you are not yet living your best life

  • are ready to free yourself from the drama your thoughts make up in the every day/in relationships etc. …

  • yearn to be confident and at ease in your body

  • want to learn how you can see the beautiful self that others see in you

  • feel stuck at a stage in your life and don’t know what the next step would look like

  • wish to live a courageous life and don’t know how to overcome what’s holding you back

  • are an introvert and looking for self care and self acceptance strategies

  • wish to have a more intense connection to the universe and wish to apply its laws to add more meaning, fulfillment and trust in your intuition to your life

  • wish to reprogram your mindset to positivity and start every day in gratitude

  • feel like you need to invest in more self care and a healthy diet, but you don’t know where to start, how to be disciplined or motivate yourself

  • feel like the time has come to take responsibility for your own happiness!!

    I am more than happy to meet YOUR individual needs to make you achieve your personal goals and live a life in lightness, balance and joy!



“I took so much from working with Celina!

Above all, the realization that it is perfectly ok to be myself and to allow myself to grow. I now know that I am not alone with this attitude! On top of that, I received lots of positive energy and I am so grateful to have you by my side. I love in particular the feeling of not having to pretend anything. I just can be myself. Celina also encouraged me to go my own way without doubting it!

There is so much more to say! I am unbelievably thankful and happy that you exist and we met, Celina! ♥”



"Oneself does often not know how much one influences or inspires another person, so I want to tell you how grateful I am to see how you act so intuitively, how much faith you have in life, how much you remain true to yourself, how much love and light you radiate. You go with so much ease through your life, recognizing the value of the present moment and the beauty that surrounds us at all times, even when life is not easy. All this inspires me so much to find my way and it encourages me to make brave decisions as well as to trust my intuition.”


Thank You!

I am grateful for all the beautiful beings in my life.


"Our exchange and especially our meetings give me so much on a level that I did not know before. The energy that I take from it lasts for days. I am infinitely grateful for that and for you and your work! I can not put into words how much value I have taken from our conversations since our paths crossed.”



Start your personal growth journey today and explore your light!

I created a couple of free worksheets and mini-ebooks to support you in creating yourself a beautiful life!


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We cannot become what we want by remaining who we are.
— Max Depree