Top 5 Podcasts About Modern Spirituality


It doesn't matter if you're new to the field of spiritual podcasts or an oldie. I myself binge-listen to these valuable treasures. What they have in common is that all women make spiritual teachings understandable and applicable in daily life. If you are into manifestation, the law of attraction, meditation, crystals, healing, yoga and all that, you should give it a go!


1. The Lavendaire Lifestyle Podcast - Aileen Xu

Aileen teaches about a positive mindset, modern spirituality and life as an entrepreneur. The great variety of topics and guests resonates a lot with me personally. I really like her passionate voice, the understandable way she gets her message across and the way she shows up so authentically! It’s more like listening to a friend than to a ‚teacher‘ and I guess this eye to eye approach is what I admire so much. Her Youtube videos are equally inspiring!

The Lavendaire Lifestyle

2. The Lively Show - Jess Lively

Jess Lively’s focus changed with the time as she herself evolved spiritually! This gal has a lot of wisdom to share, educates about positive mindsets and spiritual growth, but shares a lot of personal experiences as well! She inspired me to get more in touch with my inner voice and thus my intuition. She is a big Eckhart Tolle fan and dedicated to the awakening of the planet. It is amazing at what point she herself is and how she approaches business in her daily life. She basically doesn’t make any strict to do list’s but just goes with the flow, trusts in her abilities, her high vibe and most importantly the supporting power of the universe. Definitely someone I look up to!

The Lively Show

3. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations - Oprah Winfrey

There is so much to say about Oprah Winfrey and how much I adore this being. If I had to choose some celebrity to come over for dinner - she would be it. And I would be freaking nervous about that!

This podcast is so varied! And definitely a little more mature, you can say that. Not that it isn't funny, but there are very experienced and wise souls on her show. But even Hollywood actors make it there and share everyday wisdom or share their stories on a deeper level! From Bradley Cooper to Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle to Indian Gurus! This podcast is full of wisdom and combines everyday basic spiritual teachings with deep talks.

Oprah's Super Soul Conversations

4. The Kimberley Wenya Podcast

Not until recently I came across this one! Kimberly is radiating such a high vibe and it’s beautiful to see (eehm listen to) her passion for manifestation and universal laws! She re-interpretates spiritual teachings and makes them applicable for EVERYONE. She speaks so lovingly to her guests and her listeners - it’s so heart-warming. And if you are new to these magical laws of the universe, she makes it very easy to understand and has a lot of inspiring knowledge about the law of attraction to share. I also deeply honor her honesty, authenticity and openness about her own path. Like a girls talk!

The Kimberley Wenya Podcast

5. From the heart - Rachel Brathen

Rachel Brathen has the most popular yoga Instagram account and lives on Aruba, a tiny island close to Venezuela. She’s a yoga teacher, but these days more so an entrepreneur and lifestyle coach! She has been through a lot in her life which she shares unapologetically with her audience. I feel she’s the most vulnerable and open-hearted person I have listened to in a podcast. She shares a lot about her life, reflections, how she got where she is now, learnings about everyday spirituality and gives tips on how to reach a state of balance and alignment with all that is. This woman is pure love - you can tell by listening to her words. She makes people feel seen and understood when she talks about overcoming fears, peaceful relationships, her baby Luna, self doubt and self love, etc. - there is so much she covers!

From the Heart

6. Happy, holy & confident - Laura Malina Seiler

Yes, it's a number 6, because this one is a special one as it's in German. There are a few episodes in English though - so you might want to give it a shot anyway! I highly recommend Laura Malina Seiler's podcast. Listening to her words has helped me a whole lot when in a dark period of my life and I can tell you, this one contributed to my awakening for sure. Because of her, I learned to separate my thoughts and my feelings from who I really am - the soul, the higher self. With her soothing voice and her words coming directly from her heart so passionately she really touches you on a soul level. Because Laura is breaking all the spiritual teachings down to everyday language and makes it very easy to understand, I would always recommend her work to those who are just about to dig in deeper into their soul discovery.

Happy, holy & confident

Happy exploring and listening!! Lots of love, I hope this helps! xx


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