4 Reasons Why Forgiving Makes You Happy


The ability to forgive has changed my life. Big time. The following steps will show you not only reasons why, they will also give you ideas on how to forgive.


1. You let go of negative attachment and free your soul.

You don't forgive to agree on someone’s behaviour, but to free your soul from being attached to resentment.

To forgive means accepting the past and that everything that happened in the past, is yes, the past. It doesn’t mean that it was okay how someone may have treated you, but YOU are the one that is responsible to free YOURSELF from this pain. If I have learned one thing in my life, it’s that you decide who you allow to hurt you and what you are willing to let go of or hold on to.

Reflect: In what way is the pain serving me? What role may I take on because of it? If I would let go, what would I lose? But also: what may I gain?

It is very important to ask yourself these question to get step by step a deeper understanding of your underlying beliefs. I encourage you to face the challenge and forgive so that YOU can finally live in peace.

2. You let go of toxic emotions and heal mentally and physically.

Toxic emotions (aka energy in motion, hence negative energy) within yourself can have severe effects on you - emotionally and physically! The major cause for today’s diseases like cancer, skin issues or a lot of physical pain, in general, is internal stress. If we don’t let go of our emotions, express and work through them properly, they will end up stuck somewhere in our body and cause diseases as they irritate the body's natural balance.

Related to forgiving, this means if you hold on to anger and past wounds towards someone that took advantage of you or hurt you, you ultimately hurt yourself. Anger and feeling hurt are very low vibrational emotions, which are likely to attract more low frequency obstacles such as (mental) diseases, conflicts and inner tension.

On the flip side, forgiveness comes from a place of love instead of fear and love is the highest vibrating emotion of all. Once you invest in engaging in these high frequencies, you are likely to attract more of that: health, fulfilled relationships, happiness and abundance.


You will see everyone from a place of compassion.


3. You will see everyone from a place of compassion.

It might take a while and there's not always an immediate effect, but the act of forgiveness will open you doors to encounter everyone from a perspective of compassion. It will even enable you to accept your own flaws and mistakes you may have made in the past. It's not only others who you should forgive - start with yourself because we tend to be way to hard with ourselves. This will also help you see others from a more understanding perspective. That is at least what I learnt! Once I was kinder with myself, I saw others from a loving place too!

The point is, we have been programmed with thoughts and beliefs (from our parents, friends, family, environment) from our childhood on. At some point, we end up as a result of this programming and may react based on internalized fears, limited beliefs and before all: the fear of not being loved. So if anyone ever does you wrong, be sure about this: the reason is that this very person doesn’t feel loved and does not love him/herself a lot either. Think about this: if you are at peace with yourself, is there any possible reason to go against others? Then, be extra kind to those who need it the most.

4. You do not only do this for yourself.

Everything is energy and every action has a related reaction. Once you forgive and send out the energy of love, it results in an event somewhere on this planet. And because you sent out positive vibes of forgiveness, the reaction will vibrate on the same level. You can stop someone from beating his wife or a child from bullying another child BECAUSE you sent out LOVE. On the other hand, just to make it clear here, holding on to resentment or engaging in an aggressive argument may cause a flood somewhere or is the last little hit for someone to shoot an elephant.

Even in your immediate surrounding, if someone does you wrong and you engage in that or let the anger rule you, you make space for negative energies to expand. Whereas the act of non-engagement and forgiving the person for their offensive behaviour, you can BREAK the chain. By doing so, you increase the level of harmony on the planet.

Remember: time spent on your soul's growth is never wasted time.

Here’s a Buddhist saying/ meditation that helped me a lot to let go and forgive: family, friends, myself.

I either include it in meditations and say it out loud or whenever I feel tension or resentment towards someone coming up, I say it to myself internally:


I’m sorry. Please
forgive me. I love you.
Thank you.

Over and over again. I can see that it might seem a little weird at first that you say I’M SORRY but letting go of the ego here and forgiving as well yourself for letting someone hurt you or feeling hurt and not in peace is SO POWERFUL. Try to not judge and see how it feels to you :)


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