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Let go of Negative Thoughts - Worksheet

This worksheet helps you to work through negative thought patterns and will explain you step by step how to TRANSFORM them into positive thoughts. By answering the questionnaire it is made easy for you to change perspectives to switch to positivity. The questionnaire that is used here is based on the cognitive behavioral theory. 

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My Routines - Mini Ebook

In MY ROUTINES I share what helps me to remain balanced and create positivity every day and thus attract what I want. This includes feeling great and balanced, being productive and focused on my daily tasks, feeling good about myself, as well as making a positive impact on the planet just by being high vibing and present!

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My Favorite Recipes - Mini-Ebook

I admit I'm obsessed with breakfast. I'm obsessed to such an extend that I make these for dinner. MY BREAKFAST RECIPES contains 3 of my super quick and favorite morning meals! This mini ebook comes as an extra to MY ROUTINES as my 4th routine every day is making healthy vegan food!

Check out my scottish oatmeal, nutritious apple crumble and banana toasties!