Hey lovely gorgeous capable you,

I know how it feels to:

  • feel alone and as if you were not fitting in anywhere

  • to deeply know there’s more to life for you but not knowing how to figure out what it is and how to get there

  • to be working in a job, to live in a city or to be in a group of friends that doesn’t align with your heart’s desires

  • to not really know who you are and why you’re here or what you should do with your life

To basically trying to figure out what to do with your life, struggling with a lack of self-belief, not knowing where to start for a purposeful life and how to trust the intuitive feeling and find your passion.

You want more from life, you want to find meaning in your existence, you want to have an impact on this world and find to the core of yourself.

I have been this person


Not only have I always felt different from anyone else and felt wrong with who I really was, I have also always craved for more sense to this lifetime.

I tried to be someone else. I tried to do what everyone else did.

I turned my back to myself. I didn’t like that I was overthinking and overwhelmed by crowds, large social gatherings etc. but I got bored by the ‘human’ kind of stuff like casual hang out sessions, drinking or partying.

So I tried to be someone who I wasn’t and design a life that wasn’t aligned with my soul, my personality and my values.

I tried so hard being someone else that I literally became my own shadow.

Today, I’m grateful for the consequence of becoming anorectic and depressed. In therapy, I learned to reflect myself and who I really was or wanted to be. Also, how to deal with the mind that constantly told me I wasn’t good enough.

I have dealt with major limiting beliefs, the dark sides of my soul, because the outside told me to be something that I was not at all. To follow a picture of how it’s supposed to be that serves the system, but not myself. Nor others, nor the planet.

Now on my own healing journey, I discovered tools in personal development, mindset and spirituality that literally cracked me open and have led to my spiritual awakening in 2017.

Ever since, instead of following something that is showed on the outside, I follow my inner guidance system, on the inside. I learnt how to stop identifying with my thoughts and how to claim back my power. I learnt how to be at cause of my life. I have built a mindset of self-belief, positivity + higher purpose.


And I discovered guiding others through this journey as my purpose.

My own journey was indeed not easy and I would have wished for guidance and someone who would have told me I was perfect as I was and encouraged me to make my natural gifts become my profession. This is why I am here for you now.

Now imagine your own transformation:

  • You maintain positive self talk and a positive self image both that empower you to follow your dreams and be gentle with yourself

  • You have clarity on what you want from life and how you get there

  • You feel supported by the universe and work with tools like manifestations, affirmations + alignment to create your reality

  • You know how your mind works and when it’s trying to outsmart you with its self-limiting chatter

  • You really feel comfortable in your own skin and you have a strong sense of yourself

  • You have a bunch of coping strategies for days when you feel out of balance, strategies for a positive mindset and endurance, confidence, self love and motivation

  • You have a greater vision of yourself and what you can/will achieve in your life

What makes me different:

I’m not about the hacking, the get the shit done, go-get-it sort of vibe. And with that I mean I’m not loud and pushy. 

I’m showing up as a guide, a friend and a compassionate motivator. I see you as whole with your circumstances, past experiences + personality traits. 

I naturally have a very soft and empowering energy. I’m here to inspire you to see you from the highest perspective possible, help you feel good about yourself and find what aligns with YOUR most authentic self. 

I firmly believe that what we attract in life depends on the vibration we send out.  So let’s get you the vibe and mindset you need to step into that identity that already lies within you and is impatiently waiting to be brought to life ✨.