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I Am Enough Hypnosis *UPDATE NEW: + Self Belief Hypnosis!

Are you tired of being in your own way?

Do you feel like you could create so much more in your life but self-doubt is holding ou back?

Do you shy away from committing in a relationship?

Do you fell overwhelmed, anxious or not capable to deal with life and get things going?

These hypnosis audios are for you.

I am so done with this old limiting belief holding me back! And so are you, aren’t you.

I feel you. Integrating self belief + the mantra‚I am enough‘ have made the major shift in my life that you can have, too. Living after your own rules. Speaking your truth. Standing up for your own needs. Doing things for yourself. Having positive self talk. Asking for that raise. Daring to apply for that job. Asking for that day.  Starting that business. Whatever it is, that you haven’t done yet because of self-doubt or fear of not being good enough - let me tell you, we can shift that. You can feel at peace with yourself and go for the things you want without doubt. 

Set yourself free by reprogramming your subconscious mind on a profound level in deep trance. This audio is absolutely safe in a calm environment where you do nothing than relax. The healing effect increases with repetition.

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