Find Your YOU.

The 12-week life-changing coaching program that gives you clarity on what you want in life, who you want to be and how to achieve that step by step.

Yes, you can be the person that lives after their own rules. Yes, you can reprogram your mindset. Yes, you can be in flow. Yes, you can be sure about what you want from life. Yes, you can love what you do. Yes, you can love who you are. Yes, you can bring the vibrant character to life that you know is in you.


We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are. - Max Depree

I believe you are on this page for a reason.

You inner guidance system has brought you here because it deeply knows it’s time for a change.

And you know, too. I don’t believe in coincidences… 

You have this urge within your chest to make MORE out of this life. ‚This can’t be it‘ - is that a thought you have a lot? Do you feel stuck and lost? Do you know that you are meant to live this life more meaningfully? Do you wish to allow yourself to be fully, authentically you but you don’t know who that is? You have no idea where to start to figure that out?


Are you ready to find what you really want from life, why your soul came here, what would make you feel happy and fulfilled? Are you ready to recreate yourself and built an identity that suits the incredible person that you are?

I get it. I feel you. It seems like you can’t get to the point where you fully accept yourself. Even after reading all these books, you’re still caught in negative thinking and self-sabotage.

You just yearn for MORE MEANING in your life. 

You so want to change something but then you rush to work, come back tired and lack motivation to invest in your own growth. You’re getting frustrated and also overwhelmed as you feel so lost when it comes to where to start.

It seems like you’re the only person in your social environment who really wants a positive, healthy, purposeful and joyful life. No one seems to understand you fully. You feel alone

You feel different from everyone else and you’re afraid that once you start developing more spiritually and personally, your friends and family will find it weird. 

But life is passing and you’re running out of time, still in the same place as 2 years ago. The thought of this being your reality forever is so scary…

Don’t worry,

it’s okay that you’re overwhelmed by all the change that would come your way. It’s okay that you feel overwhelmed by the feeling of having to do this ALL. BY. YOURSELF. It’s hard and I’ve been there. But there’s a way out. You are capable of creating a reality for you where you are empowered, know what you want, go for your dreams, take risks, have meaningful relationships and are fully in charge of your life. 

Why I know all of this so well? Because all the above, this used to be me. 

I used to be this person. I felt disconnected. Stuck. Different. Alone. Lost. Purposeless. I couldn’t see myself working in a 9-5 job, living a ‘normal’ life.

I felt so disconnected from life. I didn’t get how others could just live their life away like that. And I knew there was more. There must be a meaning why we are here. Why now, why in this body. I knew I was here for discovering more about myself, more about life and something that I couldn’t put in words. It was just this feeling of restlessness. 

Still, I had a mindset of negativity, judgement + I didn’t believe in the universe or anything like that. I had struggled with an eating disorder + depression due to which I had to reflect on my life, my identity + the way I saw my reality. And I finally came to realize: I saw myself as a victim of what happened to me. ‚Why can’t I just be happy?‘ was a question that I constantly saw myself putting out there.


The thing is, I couldn’t just be happy because I had to create my own happiness. I first had to find that I am able to rule my thoughts.

I discovered that deciding that I wanted to be at cause of my life + happiness, created internal freedom. I saw that there were others out there that wanted more from life. I worked on my limiting beliefs, practiced healing, forgiveness + self love. I learned how to listen to my intiution, tune in with the universe and how only myself would create the feelings + experiences I wanted to have. And even if I didn’t know where life would take me at that point, I knew I wanted it to be a purposeful one. 

A life filled with love, meaningful relationships, passionate work, time for mindfulness, positive thoughts, time for self-discovery and emotional freedom.

Back then, I learnt about all the tools I’m going to teach you to create a fulfilling life. A life with visions and ambitions, knowing what I want. A life where I know what I stand for.

So what is it that you want?

Perhaps you don’t know it yet. But you’re sure that it’s not where you are right now. 

And I got your back. I am supporting you in creating the identity that is the best fit for you. That feels like the most purposeful, excited and realest version of yourself. You will feel centered, visionary and calm about your future. 

You will know what you want from life. You will know who you are meant to be.


I created my 12-week program Find Your YOU. to empower you to become the master of your life.

Deep down within you, you know that coming across this, is not a coincidence. Deep down you know there’s something about your life that is waiting for you. You feel the potential, you’re just not sure where the journey takes you. And how to find that out in the first place. And how to get to this point where you become the person that you truly are in your fullest potential. 

This is why I created this program. Through mastering your mindset, we’ll get you in this place where you believe in your abilities, where you feel confident about what you want. Together, we will discover what it is that you want from life. And who this person is as who you want to show up. 

Wether you feel stuck in a career path or you don’t know what to do after university or you feel like you’ve been hiding pieces of yourself and just are not truly who you are meant to be yet - this 3-months transforming coaching program came your way to enable you to feel independent, fulfilled, excited and empowered in your own life. 

What you get within 12 weeks

of high vibe coaching:

Module 1: Find what you want, find who you are

After finishing this module, you have a vision of where you want to go in life and what you intent to take from this coaching. We are creating momentum for the person you wish to be. You know what outcomes you want to create for yourself and have a detailed action plan ready on how to get there. 

You get a sense of what it feels to be centered, alive and purpose-driven. You’ll be motivated and passionate about working on yourself so that even after your daily schedule and work you’re still motivated to invest in your growth.

 This we will achieve by:

  • setting goals that excite you and mirror what you want to do with your life

  • Asking powerful questions that get you to the roots of what you want to create and who you want to be in your life

  • creating an action plan that makes it easy for you to achieve your goals and creating a new version of yourself step by step (a version of you that is excited about life and goes out there to get their goals)

  • Creating and establishing healthy life-changing habits that support you on your way to become your best self + make things easy that seemed to be hard before (healthy eating, getting up earlier, meditation, journaling, evening walks, time with your partner,… we’ll work it out individually for you!)


Module 2: Free yourself from self-doubt and expectations

You’ll come out of this module feeling comfortable in your own skin, you know what you’re about, what your qualities are and how to embrace them. Your focus is on the good and you’ve been training your mind to do so. You are at ease with yourself, you feel more confident, sure about what you want and how to get into the flow. Everyday, you get closer to fully love and accept yourself. 

This we will achieve by:

  • learning practical tools for more self acceptance in your daily life

  • Freeing you from limiting beliefs that hold you back from living your full potential

  • Integrating self compassion + forgiveness to free yourself from past experiences

  • Learning about fear and how it is holding you back and how to overcome it through mindset shifts

  • Releasing blocks that are related to a certain programming of your subconscious mind so that you can feel whole, driven + grounded within yourself.

Module 3: Make the universe work in your favor

This module supports you in working with universal laws so that you can create your reality effortlessly. You will learn the basics of how this universe is designed and how to use its laws in your favor to create a positive outcome for yourself by respecting the highest good of everyone and everything.

You will use your shifted mindset to attract oppurtunities, relationships + experiences that will blow your mind. You will work on your connection to your intuition, know how to put trust over fear and have a higher connection to life. 


I see you already, shining from the inside out. 

This we will achieve by:

  • training your intuitive muscle and learn how to listen to nudges of your soul

  • Exploring the laws of the universe and how this world really works (incl. manifestation + law of attraction)

  • If interested, we dive into first steps of meditation

  • Finding how you individually can achieve alignment and get into high vibes so you can attract and create what you want in your life

  • Getting into principles of self-care and setting healthy boundaries

Module 4: Match your desires with your reality

After your last module, you will have a crystal clear vision of what you have to do to live a purposeful, healthy + happy life after your individual standards. 

That’s who you are now! You will have integrated the person you desired to be at the beginning of the coaching into your reality.

You are that confident, conscious, smiley and inspiring character! You now have a vision of your life, what you want to achieve, how you want to show up and the coherent single steps to take to get even closer to your vision of life every single day. 

I see you walking into your favourite coffee shop, receiving smiles and compliments for your vibrant aura.

I see you being the kindest person, giving always from a full cup, knowing your boundaries and still radiating so much joy and love. You are shining!


This we will achieve by:

  • recap what you learnt throughout the program + how you can get to applying it steadily

  • Learn about how to get yourself back on track when you feel not as aligned with your desires

  • Find strategies how to integrate your new identity into your life

  • Check in with your goals from the beginning + create an action plan for even more accomplishments after the coaching with me


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This program is calling you if

  • You know this is not it, not the job, not the relationship, not the life you want to live but you also don’t know where to start, everything seems overwhelming and you don’t know where to start

  • You know there is more to life for you but you don’t know how to figure out what it is

  • You do have visions for yourself but you’re too scared of failure to go for them

  • You feel not aligned with the person you’re showing up as in the world right now

  • You just finished high school or university and you have no idea what to do with your life

  • You’re unhappy and unfulfilled in your job and want MORE from life

And most importantly:

You want a change. You want to take action. You don’t want to waste your time, living this one life after other people’s standards. You want to design your life after your rules. You want to create a powerful life for yourself and accept guidance to do so. So that you can be your best version and be a light in this world.


Why I created this for you:

I’m so happy you made it here. 

This shows us, me and you, that you are ready to up level your life. To find tools and techniques to live a purposeful life on which you will look back at as an 88-year-old and say: I’m so glad I didn’t settle for the easy way. I lived this life with integrity + motivation. I lived the best life that I could have created for myself. There’s nothing I regret.

And honestly, this is my main motivation to continue on this journey. It’s definitely not the easy way, but it’s the exciting, fulfilling + authentic path. I deeply know that by having invested in my self and changed my mindset, I can be in service today. And I can say, on my last day: I lived my best life.

I’m telling you this because I’m so passionate about mindset work and spiritual development. I would go as far as to say it saved my life. 

I was ruled by depression, controlling + self-judgmental habits due to my eating disorder and also faced a lot of emotionally challenging obstacles since I was a child that were blocking me from opening myself up in relationships. In fact, it hold me back from really having relationships. 


But one day, I decided that I won’t let my thoughts determine how I live my life. 

I intended consciously to change my mindset and work on myself. I knew happiness + emotional freedom would only come to me when I decide it to be my reality. 

And so I did the work. 

And here I am, being at peace with my past and everything + everyone that has ever hurt me, overcome limiting beliefs, decided to create my own reality, know how to switch negativity to positivity, at peace with my body, embracing who I am and knowing my mission, listening to my intuition, manifested a soulmate, moved half across the world, from Germany to Canada for love + fate, created a business, surrendered to my purpose as a coach.

I have changed my mindset and decided who I wanted to be in this world. I decided that life is working for me and that I am at cause of my experiences. And it changed the game. 

And you can do the exact same. I just want you to feel safe, held + supported on this journey. Because I often didn’t feel that. I want to be this person for you that I wish I had on my journey. 

Because I believe in you. You don’t have to do these things. Stand up for yourself. This is YOUR life. This is YOUR choice. Choose to live it meaningfully. You only get one.


Experiences of beautiful, previous clients 🌻🙏🏼


The offer includes:

  • weekly 60-90 minute zoom-call

  • voice mail + email access in between weekly coaching calls

  • Worksheets to work on between sessions

  • Recordings of hypnosis sessions to re-listen

  • You’re working with a certified Life + Success Coach, NLP + EFT Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist


Find Your You.

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