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9 Ideas How to Love Yourself More

Watch your words! They create your reality. Literally. I believe words are underestimated, but as everything in this world, words and thoughts have a certain frequency and they are likely to connect to events that are on the same level. Let’s assume you think of yourself was not worthy or even say things like „I hate my life“ „Why can’t things go right for me once?“ Guess what? Exactly these statements are going to manifest in your reality.

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6 Ways to Set Boundaries as an Empath

Observe yourself in which environments you feel tired, brain foggy, anxious, overwhelmed or even drained. It could be that on top of that, you are highly sensitive or intuitive, that’s to say, you can not only sense people’s moods within yourself, you can also tell about the dynamics between two interacting people. Or you can see through if someone is being authentic or not.

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10 Ideas For Positive Vibes Now

It is crucial to let go of uninvited feelings to make it feel seen. If we keep on ignoring and trying desperately to overcome it by distracting ourselves - I promise, it might feel like it’s going away for a moment but the next thing you know is exactly that emotion within your chest but even heavier. Like Eckhart Tolle puts it: what you resist, persists. So give yourself the time and take the courage to reaaaally feel the feeeeels!

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