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A Guide to What an Introvert Really Is

Introverts do enjoy spending time on their own. That doesn’t mean being around people and being social is no for them, they just like to have time all by themselves after being with people. Introverts process information more slowly than extroverts do. Thus they are happy with less stimulation whereas introverts need a little more of excitement to feel satisfied. 

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6 Facts About Being an Introvert in an Extrovert's World

People may assume you are quiet or shy.

Well. Yes, we are quiet at first, because we get overwhelmed by all the sensations in a group. When you get us to know in a more private situation though, we can really show up as the best version of ourselves. We just don’t feel the need or just don’t enjoy all the attention when leading a conversation in a large group.

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3 Reasons Why Confidence Makes Life Easier (as an Introvert)

To me, confidence doesn’t mean you have to be outgoing. It is much more about you feeling good in your own skin. You respecting who you are. You acting from a point of self love and authenticity. Being okay with who you are and acting like you do. That is where you start not only to serve yourself, but because of your vibrant and peaceful presence and the way you make decisions from a place of self respect, you inspire

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6 Ways to Set Boundaries as an Empath

Observe yourself in which environments you feel tired, brain foggy, anxious, overwhelmed or even drained. It could be that on top of that, you are highly sensitive or intuitive, that’s to say, you can not only sense people’s moods within yourself, you can also tell about the dynamics between two interacting people. Or you can see through if someone is being authentic or not.

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