The Secret Super Powers of Introverts


When I think of the world, I definitely don’t see it as a quiet, calm place where reflection, thoughtfulness and empathy are the ruling forces. It’s a world driven by fear, power and anger. It’s also a world, where people being loud and present seem to have it easier to get to ‚the top of the business‘ than their more reserved fellows. It seems like being outgoing is the win in our today’s (western!) world.


Hence since our childhood, we are pushed to socialize, to be surrounded by others, to express our opinion in class and to be PRESENT in our jobs so that we are on the radar for the next upcoming leading position or promotion. 

What’s neglected though is the power of the quiet. The power of those who certainly don’t enjoy all day socializing, public speaking, discussions or promoting their own ideas as much. Introverts. People that have a wast internal world and are full of creative solutions once they get the chance and time to deeply reflect. Those who aren’t about action and excitement in relationships but more about introspection, rawness and deep connections. 

Overview of an Introvert’s Super Powers

This little overview may reveal what their true priceless qualities are. We will get a sense of how powerful and helpful these abilities are and how we - by opening more space and giving appreciation for introverts in our society - can make them have a good impact in this world!

Down below are the hidden qualities of introverts. If you’re an introvert, hell yeah ´, I hope you’ll finally realize how powerful you are! And if you’re on the extrovert’s side: I’m so glad you’re here to learn more about the forgotten qualities introverts add to the yang of extroverts :). Altogether, we may recreate a world where yin and yang are in balance again.

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  • get less bored when alone, they are possibly even more creative when alone

  • are cool with travelling on their own or move to another city at least because they will be fine on their own for the first weeks

  • Have a deeper level of reflection, which is helpful when it comes to decisions, projects etc. as they are able to plan very in detail

  • Have great social skills because of their empathy, patience and ability to perceive everything on a deep level.

  • Make up the best listeners as they thrive from deep conversations and meaningful connections - it fuels their soul.

  • Are theoretically easy to satisfy, they need little stimulation to be happy (like a good book, a good coffee, a walk in the sunshine, chatting to a friend..)

  • Think before they speak and are more concerned about the other person’s perception of what is said

  • Are very creative, because of their passion for introspection and spending time on their own, information can just flow through them

  • Are compassionate leaders and are more likely to see through dynamics and embrace individual qualities because they see them more clearly. They like to be structured and make people work independently, they don’t need to be the center of attention or receive all the credits for their success, they are in that sense great team players

  • will really listen to peoples ideas and support each in their full potential

  • Have deep, trustful relationships if once cracked open. They may be fine with rather one person that they are very close with than lottos people who just know them.

  • can work independently and actually enjoy it, they encourage others to do so as well.


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Superpowers of Introverts

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If you now feel like you could be one, I can tell you, you probably are and that is SO GREAT. Embrace yourself. Getting to know ourselves better is the bridge to become more confident. Being sure about who we are provides us with the possibility to celebrate that and invest in our self development as well as in areas we’re already really good at! What do you want to focus on? Feel free to contact me and let’s find out a way how we can make you have the best time ever in this life by just being YOURSELF!

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