5 Strategies on How to Feel Good Enough Instantly


There are these days. You feel icky in your own skin. You feel like your life is super average. You feel like there's more to do than you could ever get done. You feel like you probably never get to that goal. You think it was a ridiculous idea to ever think you could go for what you want. You feel lethargic, unmotivated. You don't eat well. You feel bad about it. Nothing seems to work out. 

That's okay. I think it's totally human to have these feelings + thoughts. The difference between those who get stuck in this state, this interpretation of reality, and those who overcome it and get themselves out of these toxic thought patterns, is wether you do or don’t identify with these thoughts.


If you get to believe that you are the interpreter of your own reality, you get to choose what you see. And that is key to reconstruct your system and get back to self-worthiness + empowerment. 

So here are 5 simple strategies to get back to 'I am enough' - your natural state.

👁 1. Ask yourself: 'How sure can I be that this is true?' When toxic thoughts come up.

Once you get behind the thoughts and stop identifying with them, you actually are in control of what you choose to think. This is crucial to reprogram your mindset and set the vibe for a self-supportive way of thinking. And yes, that’s right, YOU get to choose which thoughts you WANT to think. Start training your mind of considering different perspectives. When you find yourself thinking self-sabotaging thoughts like ‘I can’t do this, I will never be successful.’ STOP. Interrupt yourself. OBSERVE the pattern and CHOOSE to think a new thought like: ‘There is no evidence that this is true. In the past I have accomplished many things and it’s been shown to me that I am a successful person'.’ It might appear weird at first but with a little training you will establish a whole new mindset.

👁 2. Think of (better: write down) 5 personality traits that make you lovable. Use I AM … .

This way your focus really goes onto what you already have + how great you are. And when you get to focus on exactly that, you will feel great about yourself as this shows up to your subconscious mind as a proven truth.

Do you really want to reprogram your subconscious mind and trade the self-damaging thought patterns for self-empowering thoughts? If so and if you want to live your best life, you HAVE TO take action and start being aware of your self talk. This is so incredibly important because your neurotransmitters all over your body are always listening. So to feel great and to live a happy life, you have to think positive thoughts and say loving things to yourself. Your thoughts have a vibration that attract events into your life. Your thoughts literally create your life. Watch them, make them work for you and you’ll see how everything works out for you.

👁 3. Always do your best. And assume that you're doing your best with the resources available to you in the current moment. 

Because you DO! Imagine this: if you know that you’re doing your best at any given moment, you will always be gentle, kind and okay with yourself. Because you know how much effort you put into your work. You also know how not everyday can be your best day. Still, you’re doing the best that you can. It’s hard to be strict and judgmental with yourself if you carry the belief that your doing the best you can.

Make this your daily mantra. Not only will it change the way you see yourself, it will change the way you see and treat others as well.

👁 4. Think of how you would see yourself if you were your own best friend. What would you say? How would you see yourself?

This is a great tool because we are way to harsh with ourselves. I bet you would never talk to your friend in the way you talk to yourself. You would never have these huge expectations. You wouldn’t judge so hard. So why is it that we treat ourselves in such a bad way? I don’t have the answer to this but I know how to solve the problem.

Again, observe the way you speak to yourself. Then, once you detect judgmental thoughts, take a step back and ask yourself: would you say that to you best friend? Would they talk to you this way?

I guess not. And that’s because friendships are meant to be encouraging + empowering. The most important friendship you could have in this life though, is the one with yourself. If you show up supportive towards yourself, nobody ever ever or nothing ever ever can get to you. Because you know your worth. You know how you want to be treated. And you know to whom you listen to and who is just chatting bllsht.


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You deserve it all. You are enough.


👁 5. Ask yourself: Is it potentially fear of being my fullest, shiniest self that makes me play small? That causes me having self-sabotaging thoughts? Why is it that I am afraid of stepping into the belief that I am enough? 

That’s the tricky one. We’re going deep here. Could it be that the fact you’re playing small and self-sabotage is actually serving you in a way? Because subconsciously you are scared to be successful, free and positive? Could it mean that you are different from your friends and risk to loose them? Could it be that with that positive kind of mindset you had to apply for that job/ go for that course/ ask for that date? Is it terrifying? Do you not know how you’d deal with failure in that case? Are you afraid that you could still fail when you risk it? Is the ‘I’m not good enough’ thing maybe a shield for protection of the unknown?

All that is very likely actually. Because our subconscious mind wants to keep us save and have us survive, it isn’t very into getting out of the comfort zone. So it certainly could be that it is still holding on to that ‘I’m not enough’ thing to not get into risky or unpredictable situations. The subconscious mind HATES that.

Answering the questions above is the first step. Then you might want to download the free questionnaire to work even more on the ‘Not good enough’ issue. If you really want to make a change and get to where you deserve to be in life (In your happy place, in a great relationship, a job, in a personality that suits your interest truth, …) then hit me up and send me an email. Just click the button below and we’ll work something out on how I can help you to feel great about yourself.

Lastly, whatever you come to realize, I believe in you and I can tell you with the most certainty: You are enough and perfect as you are. 🙏🏼




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