How to Up Level Your Confidence in 5 Steps - No. 1


Confidence is something you either have or just don’t? Mmmh mhhh!! It’s actually a personality trait you CAN learn if you are willing to. It’s a journey, no doubt and there are different ways of being confident for different personality types. As an example a confident extrovert will appear very outgoing and very likely to share his or her ideas just right away, may even feel at ease when surrounded by lots of new people.

An introvert’s confidence is more about knowing what you have and what you’re about, what talents you were given and to enter a room with an open mind and an open heart, not being afraid of social situations and very sure about what you have to say and that it is worthy. Or being okay with not feeling like sharing but not self-sabotaging oneself for that ‚antisocial‘ behaviour when it’s really just overwhelming to be in a group of people. 


So! Know yourself, check in with who you are and what your personality, beliefs and passions are. Then show up self-assured and settled. If that’s in a loud and present or a reserved and calm way doesn’t matter. 

These 5 steps will give you an idea on how to improve your confidence every single day. These are a couple of aspects you should be aware of to consciously up level your authenticity and joy to share. 

In order to make this even more practical, I designed a daily schedule for 7 days which may help you remind to invest in your growth throughout the day - just like that! YOu’ll see how smooth it will feel after a couple of days of new habits!! 

Happy exploring and evolving!! 

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  1. Watch your words.

Step numéro un is to watch your words. You are very likely your own greatest critic. We often tend to be soooo hard on ourselves, harder than we would ever be with any other human. It is crucial though in order to gain a confident mindset, to establish positive self talk. Thoughts and words are SO powerful. They create your reality.

Thoughts and words are just energy like everything else in the universe is. Eventually, this energy will materialize itself into reality. Let’s take an easy example: you feel like you really want to add some spring vibes to your house and you think of having a beautiful bouquet of flowers on your dining table or your desk or whatever. So what are you gonna do? You are going to direct your behaviour accordingly to your desire of having flowers in your house. You go to the florist, pick your favourite flowers, you pay, you go home, you place the bouquet onto your table - done! 

What does that have to do with thoughts and words about myself? Well. As humans, we like to make our own perceptions become a reality. This is supported by the way we think, speak and take action. How you take action is strongly related to your thoughts, if that makes sense. 

Watch your thoughts, they become your words. Watch your words, they become your actions. And your actions eventually become your life.

So let’s say you say about yourself you are not confident and nervous in social settings - your brain in collaboration with the universe is more than happy to make this become a reality to you. Because your brain really wants you to be comfortable and confirmed in your opinions. 

So what is going to happen is exactly what your thoughts are about. Reality is delivered like that. If you think of being nervous around strangers, surely all the powers will do their best to confirm that. You will feel the rush of adrenaline running through your body, you’ll start sweating or you won’t get out a single word. Not because this is how it is or how you are - NO, this is because it is the way you THINK. 

It does sound bad and it can be hard to realize that we ourselves are responsible for our own pain in that case. I had to realize that myself when I was depressed. I was creating my own painful, lonely, unloved reality. As soon as I changed my mindset, miracles started to happen ad I attracted lovely relationships and peace with myself. 


As I changed my mindset, miracles started to happen.

- Celina


So: watch your words: how are you thinking about yourself? What sort of reality are you creating due to your way of thinking? May there be another, positive thought to it? May it be possible to change that thought through repeating it over and over again until you believe it? 

You have to be willing to change your mindset. If not, it won’t work out, I promise you that, If you feel called through to create yourself a happy life in confidence and self respect - start with talking gently about yourself. 

In my upcoming confidence online course I Am an Introvert + I Own It (launch is in June 2019 - subscribe and I’ll keep you updated) we will address this reprogramming of thought patterns more in-depth.

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The course contains a ton of valuable exercises (e.g. giving your inner critic a name, how to accept your body, how to redefine failure, working with affirmations, hypnosis, and more) and a beautiful high vibe workbook that help you to see your own value and more importantly FEEEL good about yourself to be free of self-doubt and walk through life with lightness and acceptance. 



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