How to Up Level Your Confidence in 5 Steps - No. 5


Hi and Hello! Here is the last step of the Upleveling your Confidence Series! WELCOME TO ROUND NUMBER 5! IF YOU LIKE, FEEL FREE TO GO THROUGH THE INTRODUCTION AGAIN OR HEAD DIRECTLY TO STEP NUMERO cinco!

Confidence is something you either have or just don’t? Mmmh mhhh!! It’s actually a personality trait you CAN learn if you are willing to. It’s a journey, no doubt and there are different ways of being confident for different personality types. As an example a confident extrovert will appear very outgoing and very likely to share his or her ideas just right away, may even feel at ease when surrounded by lots of new people.

Introvert confidence is more about knowing what you have and what you’re about, what talents you were given and to enter a room with an open mind and an open heart, not being afraid of social situations and very sure about what you have to say and that it is worthy. Or being okay with not feeling like sharing but not self-sabotaging oneself for that ‚antisocial‘ behaviour when it’s really just overwhelming to be in a group of people. 


So! Know yourself, check in with who you are and what your personality, beliefs and passions are. Then show up self assured and settled. If that’s in a loud and present or a reserved and calm way doesn’t matter. 

These 5 steps will give you an idea on how to improve your confidence every single day. These are a couple of aspects you should be aware of to consciously up level your authenticity and joy to share. 

In order to make this even more practical, I designed a daily schedule for 7 days which may help you remind to invest in your growth throughout the day - just like that! You’ll see how smooth it will feel after a couple of days of new habits!! 

Happy exploring and evolving!! 

Check out the free 7 Day Confidence & Self Esteem Schedule with ideas for upgrading your confidence every day!


5. Place uplifting Notes throughout your room or apartment

Who do you want to become? What may inspire you every day to be that? Next to reading out your own wonderful personality traits and PRAISE yes PRAISE yourself for that, another gorgeous way to motivate yourself are your favourite quotes! Words that touch your heart and speak to your soul. Maybe written by people who you admire, maybe poems by outstanding writers or a quote you found on Pinterest.

Speaking about Pinterest, that’s honestly the place to be for quotes. I love it!

Check out my personal board for inspiring words that lift me up whenever I feel incapable, unsure or unmotivated. 


If you feel really fancy and want the best results, print out your favourites and decorate your room or apartment with those. Leave one in your calendar or journal. One you stick onto you mirror that tells you how awesome you are and that you deserve all the love you desire, another onto your door that is reminding you to be kind today. Whenever you open the fridge, you remind yourself of willing to nurture your body to nurture your mind and soul. On your phone’s background, there is a quote that tells you how capable you are and to appreciate that you learn every day and how far you’ve come. 

A few of my personal favourites that remind me to remain authentic, confident and at peace with myself.

We learn through repetition. What might appear freaky firstly, is in reality pure healing. You are worth being loved. It is okay to love yourself. And it is indispensable to truly give and receive love.

Working with quotes has changed my life. And maybe it will change yours too - if you are courageous enough to take the leap and step out of your comfort zone. I promise, there is only beauty beyond that.



Get your freebie from my freebie library: The 7 Day Confidence and Self Esteem Schedule - each activity takes you only 2-5 minutes. The little reminders at different times of the day will not only uplift your mood, you will see what an impact little actions practiced regularly can have on your confidence!

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