How to Up Level Your Confidence in 5 Steps - No. 3 + 4



Confidence is something you either have or just don’t? Mmmh mhhh!! It’s actually a personality trait you CAN learn if you are willing to. It’s a journey, no doubt and there are different ways of being confident for different personality types. As an example a confident extrovert will appear very outgoing and very likely to share his or her ideas just right away, may even feel at ease when surrounded by lots of new people.

Introvert confidence is more about knowing what you have and what you’re about, what talents you were given and to enter a room with an open mind and an open heart, not being afraid of social situations and very sure about what you have to say and that it is worthy. Or being okay with not feeling like sharing but not self sabotaging oneself for that ‚antisocial‘ behavior when it’s really just overwhelming to be in a group of people. 


So! Know yourself, check in with who you are and what your personality, beliefs and passions are. Then show up self assured and settled. If that’s in a loud and present or a reserved and calm way doesn’t matter. 

These 5 steps will give you an idea on how to improve your confidence every single day. These are a couple of aspects you should be aware of to consciously up level your authenticity and joy to share. 

In order to make this even more practical, I designed a daily schedule for 7 days which may help you remind to invest in your growth throughout the day - just like that! You’ll see how smooth it will feel after a couple of days of new habits!! 

Happy exploring and evolving!! 

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Step 3 and 4

3. Know yourself and practice self love

You are who you are. And that is perfect. There is a slight difference between living the best version of yourself and stretching yourself to something you’re just not. If you’ve always been quieter in groups - don’t judge yourself for that, instead focus on the qualities you have in 1:1. 

If you’re more outgoing, loud and sometimes feel like too much - please just no. Be yourself! We need those polarities in this world to inspire each other and create beautiful things! Both energies are so needed!

So learn who you are and what is authentic to you and then, by all means, do THAT, be THAT. Then you can set boundaries accordingly to what fuels or drains you. And in that, there lies so so much wisdom, freedom and acknowledgement for the self, that you not only gain confidence yourself, you give others the chance to do likewise by being an example. 

Confidence, self belief and self esteem

You are an unique expression of the universe. There is no one in this world with the same gifts like you.

- Celina

4. Focus on the good.

Now that we mentioned the point of embracing our nature, I want to point out to not only see you as who you are with your gifts and flaws, but I would also like to invite you to focus on THE GIFTS. Because where focus goes, energy flows. Concentrating on what you were given inherently will allow you to appreciate and deepen these gifts. Surely we have to face our dark sides as well to get a whole beautiful picture of who we are, but come on, we do see our flaws all the time anyway… We don’t really have to focus on that… 

In order to heal and to blossom, it is so so important that you see your beauty from the outside and the inside.

 Focus on what you already have. This can be the littlest things like being a great sister or an amazing son to your mum or dad, it can be that you have inspiring deep thoughts and access to totally new perspectives and by sharing them you light others up. It might be that you have a gorgeous smile or fabulous hair, it might be that your eye colour is unique, it could be that you are great in being on your own or get things done in a structured way like nobody else you know. Maybe you are an artist by heart and you create beautiful paintings or pottery or photographs. Perhaps you have a gift to connect with animals on a deeper level or maybe you support others to dress so that they feel pretty and confident. 

Become aware of your qualities and write them down in your notes app on your phone our in your journal. Use I am … and read it repeatedly on a daily basis. 

If you focus on the good, the good gets better.




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