3 Reasons Why Confidence Makes Life Easier (as an Introvert)


To me, confidence doesn’t mean you have to be outgoing. It is much more about you feeling good in your own skin. You respecting who you are. You acting from a point of self love and authenticity. Being okay with who you are and acting as you do. That is where you start not only to serve yourself but because of your vibrant and peaceful presence and the way you make decisions from a place of self respect, you inspire and heal others too. This kind of confidence is possible for every personality type: extroverts and introverts.

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  1. You feel great about yourself and you’ ll have more energy.

Good and self-loving thoughts will give you energy, negative and self-sabotaging thoughts are energy killers!

Like little vampires sitting in your head sucking on healthy self beliefs so that there aren’t any left for you. If we get to a state where we’ve mastered these little bastards, guess what! All the energy you lost because of toxic thoughts comes back to you!

You’ll feel balanced, happier and peaceful. It will encourage you to be authentic and real. Life is so much lighter once we overcame beliefs that were holding us back.


It’s okay to choose your people consciously.

- Celina


2. others feel inspired by you.

Once you step up and live your life authentically which includes making decisions aligned to your gut feeling and needs, you give others permission to do the same. It is probably unimaginable to us how many introverts in disguise are out there that force themselves to be sociable when they really feel like reading a book crawled up on the couch. If you take the first step and stand up for what you really feel like doing, you will open doors for others to do the same.

The result? Increased wellbeing on a collective level as people finally feel allowed or at least not as bad when there are more people than only themselves choosing a nice bath with their favourite music over a salsa night :).

It is definitely not the case that all introverts don’t like to go out. Instead, they have mostly exceptional social skills, it is just that their energy is drained far quicker than an extrovert’s. It is important for one’s wellbeing to speak up confidently (to themselves) when they had enough. Respecting their own needs is key to a happy social life.

Spiritual growth

Once you allow yourself to be yourself, you open doors for others to do the same.

- Celina


3. You don’t have to expose yourself to highly stimulating situations anymore when you don’t feel like it. 

Like I said above, when you’re confident and sure about yourself and what you need, there just won’t be this pressure anymore to go to places you don’t feel like going! And because you make conscious decisions of going out 1:1 rather than in a group setting or so, you can be the best version of yourself with this one person!

Instead of feeling pressured or judged because you don’t speak up as much in bigger group settings where there is mostly small talk, you can spend some private time with some deep talk and exchange inspiring thoughts. This again will rather up level your energy and you’ll feel good and at ease after the meetup. Whereas in a social gathering in a bar you might have felt overstimulated and your energy is rather drained after. Protect your energy. 

Confidence, self belief and self esteem

Stand up for your needs. You don’t owe anyone any explanation. Just take care of yourself.

- Celina

The bottom line: Stand up for yourself. Respect yourself and act accordingly to what you feel like. Only people who judge themselves are judging you. This is your life and you should make this the most enjoyable time on earth. You won’t get a second chance in this setting. Every day is precious. Invest in your wellbeing and by doing so, you automatically inspire others to do the same. Being an introvert is not about being shy or antisocial, it is just a deeper level of perception. That’s why you should choose wisely with what you wish to feed your mind. Become aware of what serves you so that you can serve others and we can create a network of happy, confident people. 


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