The 5 Key Components of Self Love


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Self-love has become such a buzz word that you see everywhere on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, online courses and alll that.

But isn’t ‚Self-love‘ a bit vague? What does loving yourself really mean and how can you get there? The term itself doesn’t really contain all that it is. I got deep into it how to boil the term ‚self-love‘ down to these 5 key components. Let’s create momentum in self-love.

I myself look at each of these ingredients for a steady self-love mindset on a regular basis. All of them combined is what moves you towards a self-image of appreciation. And you cannot miss out on one ‚ingredient‘ to create yourself this identity. Just like in a delicious, super enjoyable chocolate cake. It wouldn’t be the same if you left out the sweetener or the cacao or the fat. It’s all coming together, creating a mixture of perfect balance that makes the cake so amazing!

Here are the 5 key ingredients for your self-love mindset:


1. Self-Acceptance

Before we even start talking about self-LOVE, first of all, it’s important to begin with self-ACCEPTANCE. So what is the difference between self-love and self-acceptance?

Self-love is, as we understand it here, an overarching term for multiple minor pieces that make self-love a whole. Self-acceptance is one of those pieces.

Self-love has a very positive, loving, warm energy to it, whereas self-acceptance is more neutral and just at peace. Which means that on your way to self-love, you have to begin with self-acceptance. Let’s face an example: especially when it comes to body image, for some people, it sounds sooo far away and really unrealistic to just LOVE their bodies. When you’ve spent a whole lifetime criticizing your body and being upset about its flaws, loving your body can be quite the challenge! That’s why first learn to accept our bodies!

Self-acceptance means being at peace with yourself.

And this goes not only for body image, but it’s also right for you as a whole. Making peace with yourself and being okay with who you are, is the very first step to a better relationship with yourself. It’s about embracing your strengths but also facing your fears, your blocks and your past. It’s a journey to being grateful for everything that has made you become who you are today. You can’t be anyone than yourself anyway. So it’s your choice to be at peace with yourself and working towards happiness. Because what is the point of beating yourself up for who you are? You came here for a reason. You got unique gifts to share with the world. And it’s time to face that and embrace it. If you neglect those, you’re doing a disservice to the world.

Self Care

Self-acceptance is the first and most important step towards self-love.


2. self-compassion

Self- compassion means always being of the assumption that you do your very best at any given moment. Assuming that you always have positive intentions. And you’re using the resources that are available to you. Sure, you fail sometimes, you may have done things you regret now but that’s because you didn’t know better back at that time. If you had known better, you would have DONE better. Self-compassion and self-forgiveness are indispensable when it comes to a healthy relationship with yourself.

It’s so important that you change the perspective and look at yourself like you look at your friends. And I feel you, me too, I have to remind myself all the time to do so. What really helps is to see how far you’ve come, how much you’ve evolved compared to 3 years ago, to see that you ARE doing your best and to see yourself as a human being with flaws! The beauty in that is that this is where the most potential for connection with others lies. Once you practice self-compassion, you are more open towards others and you also begin to be more compassionate with others. This makes such a difference in how you see the world. Nothing can be taken personally at that point anymore. You just start to see everyone from the perspective of love and understanding.

In order to make it easier for you to go through all of this so that self-compassion becomes part of your nature, I added a couple of free journal prompts to this blog post. You can start right away after you finished reading and take action towards becoming a more self-loving person. It lies in you. I can give you the tools but YOU only YOU can take action and change your life.

journal prompts self love

Download your free journal prompts in my freebie library and start your self-healing journey today :)

3. Self-respect

Self-respect is all about boundaries. Boundaries are like borders around your inner palace. Only a few people are allowed to come in and whoever is rude, gossips about you or talks to you in a toxic, dismissive, manipulative or unkind way, got to stay outside. You just shut the doors and set your boundaries like ‚I hear what you say’ or ‚I see what you do’ ‚and I won’t let it affect my inner peace, self-worth or confidence. I get to choose who I surround myself with. I choose a happy peaceful life.’

So self-respect means in one way to only let those in that do you good. On the other hand, it can also be avoiding behaviour like drinking too much alcohol or going to that event that you actually don’t want to attend at all. Coming from a place of self-respect, you do what feels right for you. Because your inner peace and your happiness is more important to yourself than pleasing other people.

You are your greatest treasure. You get to live your whole life with yourself. So don’t waste it on anything that destroys your health and peace.

4. Self-care

Self-care is a classic one: Investing in maintaining your high vibe which means a state of bliss, gratitude, joy and peace. Whatever that means to you!

Is it a morning routine with yoga and journaling? Is it a healthy breakfast? Is it the extended luxurious bath on a Friday night? Is it going out for a walk with your doggy? Is it playing with your cat? Is it drinking a cup of your favourite tea and reading a great book? Is it spending time in nature? Whatever it is, invest in what makes your soul happy because YOU should be on top of the list of the most important people in your life!

And YOU have all the permissions in this world to make YOURSELF happy. Then, you can give your loved ones from a full cup and share all your love from your fulfilled heart with them. Self-care is that part of self-love that is indulgent, health-focused and invests in a high frequency so that you can attract more love and positivity into your life.


Making yourself happy is one of the highest services to this world.



5. Self-awareness

Yay, you made it almost through all the parts of SELF LOVE! You know already have a bundle of activities and knowledge that will up-level your self-image and the way you show up in your life. That is amazing! The fact that you are willing to invest in yourself (and that is why you came to this article) is so powerful. The universe will answer and value all your effort. Your soul will too for sure!

So back to self-awareness. I will give it a quick ending here: self-awareness is knowing that your behaviour, the way you see yourself has an effect on your outcomes. It means being aware of the fact that your actions and your thinking determine your future. And determine how you see your past and the way you make use of past experiences and thus learnings.

Self-awareness is the more spiritual part of self-love and makes you see yourself in the bigger picture. It’s about how everything you set a focus on becomes more. How self-love improves your relationships, how self-love improves your confidence. How all the above come together and create a whole new image you’re holding of yourself. Yourself, your soul, as a treasure living in this gorgeous palace that is your body. With boundaries to only let positive and nurturing people in. With self-care practices that bring your self worth to the next level. And self-compassion that make you be so good to yourself like no-one else can.

If you feel motivated, go get yourself the free journaling prompts for self-compassion and invite peace with yourself into your life!

All the love xx


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