10 Ideas For Positive Vibes Now


This, to be honest, is just a little extract of what is possible. Together, we might find out what is your perfect fit - for your personality and your schedule. For now, I'm sending you much love, because if you came across this article you might not be doing so well at the moment. It is okay. We are human. I myself get into this state a lot, but I don't stay there anymore. Therapy and self reflection helped me to find a couple of coping strategies which I hope give you inspiration on how to get back into a balanced state!

Raise your vibration

Raise your vibe now.

1. Allow the feeling to come in.

It is crucial to let go of uninvited feelings to make it feel seen. If we keep on ignoring and trying desperately to overcome it by distracting ourselves - I promise, it might feel like it’s going away for a moment but the next thing you know is exactly that emotion within your chest but even heavier. Like Eckhart Tolle puts it: what you resist, persists. So give yourself the time and take the courage to reaaaally feel the feeeeels! Cry and be depressed, acknowledge the feeling for what it is. BUT don’t be attached to it. Be the power that observes the emotion. Once you feel the tension loosen, it is time to move on and do something that fuels your soul.

2. Yoga - release that energy.

Yoga is the art of uniting mind, body and spirit. When the three are aligned you feel not only connected to every part of yourself, but to all that is. You feel whole. Asanas (movements in yoga) are meant to release stuck energies and emotions. Energy flows again. And when energy flows, you feel awake, smooth and glowy. Allow yourself to let go through movement: in a studio or online! There are so many possibilities for an after yoga GLOW!!

Self Care

Take time to rest.

3. Take time to rest.

You may feel down because you feel overwhelmed or put too much pressure on yourself. Be gentle. Slow down. Your worth does - holy guacamole - not depend on your business. Instead, you do a lot more for yourself and this world by taking care of yourself.

And that’s why we’re here in the end, do you agree? To make this world a better place for all of us. You can contribute to reset your energy system and take a simple break. More stress won’t save the world and it will definitely not save you. You are pure gold. Take good care of yourself.

Move your body.
Spent time in nature.

4. Move your body and spend time in nature.

Did you know that the colour green is actually scientifically proven beneficial for our health? How beautiful is that! Nature allows you to connect to your essence, to the whole pure being that you are, it connects you to home. Indulge in the beauty of it, breathe deeply, listen to the sound of the wind. Furthermore, walking, running or generally moving your body releases low energies and gets you into a higher state of being. Physical movement is essential when it comes to healing depression. And you don’t have to think about a one-hour-work-out - a 10 - 20-minute walk can do miracles.

5. Spend time with pets.

MY FAVORITE: I love the pure aura of animals, especially dogs, so so much! It’s not a coincidence that they’re employed for therapeutic purposes. Petting them is so soothing and they have so much love to give. They teach us to love unconditionally! Another example is horses! You really have to be present and calm when around them - it’s like a living meditation. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite animal is and what benefits you earn from spending time with them!

6. Practice meditation and breathing techniques.

Classic. Meditation can transform your thoughts. Most importantly, it teaches you to observe your thoughts instead of identifying with them.

The monkey mind is not who you are. You are not the stories that your mind tells you. You are the consciousness behind that is able to observe and recognize thoughts as what they really are: stories. Reprogramming my subconscious through affirmations and meditations in stillness has helped me a whole lot to detach myself from the toxic thought patterns that still occur at times.

There are thousands of guided meditations on youtube that you can try. I found it easier to start with, especially in the beginning. Also breathing techniques can have huge effects on calming your inner world - check out the tons of resources on the internet or in my ebook!

Gratitude Journal

Write down what you’re grateful for.
Start a positivity journal.


7. Write down what you are grateful for.

Simply put: write down 5-10 things that you are grateful for. You can’t be unhappy while thinking about all the beautiful things that are already there in your life. It can be your heart beating for you, breathing or the fact that you have food to eat. Where your focus goes, energy flows. As you focus on the abundance that is already in your life, yes, you got it, you’ll see even more of that in your life.

If that's tricky for you in your current state, I got you, you can always try to think of 3 to 5 positive things that happened to you today/yesterday/in the last week! Like a strangers smile, a nice text you received, a good meal that you ate, ....

8. Tell someone how much you love them.

Write a letter, text or call someone, let your close ones be extra sure today about how much you appreciate their presence. You know the joy it brings yourself when you give a present to someone? It’s probably at least as much as the other person feels. Happiness and love become more when we share it. A cheesy truth, but still: a TRUTH. I do this frequently and it makes me so happy myself to let someone know how much I love them. I myself then feel so blessed to have them in my life!! You can't ever spread too much love! Instead, it is my firm belief, that at the end of our lives, what truly matters is how much love we gave.

9. Watch an episode of Queer Eye.

What can I say? It solves nearly everything. Turn Netflix on, watch an episode and you’ll know what I mean. These boys and their authenticity and love just make me so so happy. It’s heart-warming.

Nourish your body.
Nourish your soul.

10. Cook or bake yourself some healthy and nutritious food!

High vibrational foods such as greens, fruit, whole grains and plant protein have a strong impact on your wellbeing. Whereas sugars and processed foods just don’t help your body being healthy down the road. Try to eat as freshly as possible and see what works for you!

Another tip: eat regular filling meals with enough high quality fats (avocado oil, avocados, olive oil,..) and good carbs (brown rice, whole grains, …) that are actually fun to make! Baking and cooking to me is a way to meditate! Just being with the food and appreciating it is so satisfying.

I also enjoy listening to inspirational podcasts or to my favourite music while doing so. Make nutrition a fun, nourishing event in a holistic way: mentally and physically!


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